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About Us

Unicare Cosmetics Manufacturing is a leading manufacturing company in Dubai. Through ultra-modern facilities and product research, we customize our operations to deliver multiple concepts and cater to the specific needs of every client brand in the field. Our expansion over the past 20 years lies in our commitment to developing new and innovative products that help people look and feel their best.

As a private-label cosmetics manufacturer, we have been supplying our clients and their thriving companies with premium, customized products across different categories. This includes hair care, skin care, perfumes, fragrances, and other lines, from formula to packaging and every business chain segment in between.

Behind the scenes, our behavioral experts work and research for the insights, trends, and preferences of diverse audience groups in several markets around the world. This extends our knowledge in product development to the required experience in delivering those products with the proper ingredients to the anticipating customers at the right time.